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Asgard Memory

Asgard Memory

In the last 8 years Powev raised from a start up company to become one the largest DRAM module manufacturers in the world . We did not achieve such a fate by simply producing some of the best memories ever made. We did this by offering our partners and clients the most aggressive pricing. We want you to love our products as much as we do and we are here to disrupt the memory industry. Our business philosophy is encoded in our company DNA, “Bringing the fastest product possible manufactured the best and most efficient way in order to give our clients the best experience”. 

Gun Metal RGB

Ultimate Speed

Asgard Memory consists of high grade optimized storage. Whether it be DDR4, NVMe, SSD, Flash or charging ports. Asgard Memory is revolutionizing the industry with it’s groundbreaking storage devices. Made for Gamers and Industry professionals, Asgard is built to last and made to conquer.
Customization options are limitless with asgards RGB DDR4, whether it be static,breathing, color cycle, rainbow, comet, flash and dash the options will satisfy every gamer.


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We believe in extending the life of your product should anything stop performing.

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